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Trk juxta membrane mutations

The Trk juxta membrane domain is coming out of the shadows and maybe telling us something about Trk fusion proteins In many structural reviews of the Trk family of receptor tyrosine kinases, the extracellular domains that bind growth factors are

Trk gene copy number variations and methylation

CNV – Overview In this overview we will show a tumor from the COSMIC database with a TRK3 gene amplification. In our search of TRK gene copy number variations, the first study on the list was COSU331. Apparently, only one

TRK3 copy number, what does it mean?

Predicting mRNA expression from copy number: ┬áIt’s not working! Total TRK3 copy number is a weak predictor of the copies of the “minor allele” but not a predictor of the mRNA transcripts. Amplified TRK3 gene copies do not take up